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  • ...of telfaira occidentalis (fluted pumpkin) leaf meal

    ...OF Telfaira occidentalis (FLUTED PUMPKIN) LEAF MEAL

    The plant produces luxuriant edible green leaves that are divided into three...Occidentalis leaf meal as dietary supplements (Table 3) reveals that the ...

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  • nutrition of potted plants

    Nutrition of potted plants

    Many of the plant foods today on the market ...a healthy blossoming plant with luxuriant growth. ... fish meal, slaughter house waste, etc., which...

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  • ... fitzpatrick on phaseolus vulgaris l. in nippon.

    ... FITZPATRICK on Phaseolus vulgaris L. in Nippon.

    The affected beans were coverd with luxuriant fine white mycelium, and the...Its growth is good on oatmeal-, potato-, and corn meal-agare and best...

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  • aids in technic in the identification of candida ...

    Aids in technic in the identification of Candida ...

    The application of a flamed cover-slip over the inoculated streak in maize meal agar cultures of Candida albicans encourages more luxuriant and more rapid ...

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