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  • a department of biochemistry and molecular biology, center ...

    a Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Center ...

    or expressed dynamin into the cell ruffle. ...to amplify both full-length and SH3 cortactin. ...process of cell polarization and ruffling initiated...

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  • fit and surfeit in

    Fit and Surfeit in "As I Lay Dying"

    encouraging a reading process that at last reaps... productively oscillatory performance of and ...the world, his smoothing of mentally ruffled ...

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  • the bodice-ripper free school zone act

    The Bodice-Ripper Free School Zone Act

    As I approached the forbidding edifice that is Tony Conigliaro Consolidated Elementary School, my heart sank from its perch just above the ruffled v-neck...

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  • how to make rugs

    How to make rugs

    from the process of the admirable Navajo blanket....Tailors' and dressmakers' cuttings are much ...the two edges until they were completely ruffled...

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